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Felony DUI: Man evades prision after multiple convictions

Colorado lawmakers were proud to establish a new law that would enforce stricter sentences on repeat offenders for certain crimes such as driving under the influence. At the time the law was established, there was an unknown loophole preventing many offenders from serving jail time as intended. One man's case was an example of the loophole when he was sentenced to only probation and no prison time after his fifth conviction for a felony DUI.

Woman faces 30 years in prison after felony DUI with assault

Most people do not anticipate that they may need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer at any point in their life. Unfortunately, a person's actions may sometimes conflict with the law, and one may end up in need of legal advice. A Colorado woman was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison due to mistakes she made, eventually resulting a conviction for a felony DUI involving assault.

Fourth drunk driving convictions in Colorado now are felonies

Just after the beginning of the new year, Colorado legislators passed a bill requiring all defendants convicted of driving under the influence to spend a mandatory sentence behind bars or on work release. Effective August 9, defendants convicted of DUI will now have to spend at least 90 days locked up or, if eligible for work release, 100 days of service.

Colorado law ensures a felony DUI conviction results in jail time

Most people in Colorado would expect a person with additional DUI convictions to receive harsher and mandatory jail time. Until recently, a law enacted in 2015 prevented judges from sentencing some defendants with habitual DUIs to a punishment that matched their offense. A new law was just enacted that corrected the previous unintended loophole. Persons with four or more offenses will now be charged with a felony DUI and could face harsh punishment upon conviction.

Defending against a DUI charge in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado, has been your go-to summer vacation destination for the last several years to escape the heat. With sweeping views of the Rockies as well as limitless options for hiking and outdoor recreation the small town just outside of Denver has everything you want to recharge and reset. It also does not hurt that there are a number of microbreweries offering tasty artisanal brews and unique menus.

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