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Medical professional allegedly commits felonies, facing charges

A Colorado medical professional is currently facing serious criminal charges for fraud, deceit and drug crimes. The woman willingly turned herself in after local law enforcement obtained a warrant for her arrest. Conviction of felonies and other types of criminal charges are serious, and she will find it beneficial at this point to start working on her defense.

Felonies: Professional football player charged following accident

A professional football player, Demaryius Thomas, was recently charged with vehicular assault in Colorado. Vehicular assault is considered a felony in Colorado. Drivers may be interested to learn that they can face criminal charges, including felonies, in vehicle accidents only involving one vehicle.

Former Colorado councilwoman suspected of 2 felonies

The complexities of a relationship -- especially relationships of couples who have been together for more than two decades -- may be difficult to fully understand. Unfortunately, some relationships experience serious conflict, often leaving someone facing a circumstance in which he or she sees no other option than to take action to protect one's personal safety. In fact, a representative for a Colorado woman who is accused of several felonies claims that some victims of domestic abuse have no option but to fight to protect themselves.

Mother and business woman arrested and charged with felonies

It is often said that the public cannot see what is occurring behind closed doors of a marriage and family life. Sadly, many suffer unseen distrust, anger, violence and emotional turmoil with spouses. One former Colorado city council member's private marital struggles have recently been made public after she was charged with felonies and misdemeanors following an argument with her spouse.

Colorado man faces multiple felonies

When a person is accused of a crime, he or she is left facing multiple decisions. In most cases, it is difficult to fully appreciate the available options without legal training. In fact, a man in Colorado now faces multiple felonies and is likely relying upon legal assistance as he responds to the accusations against him.

Felonies filed against driver after DUI accident

Getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol means facing the uncertainty of the Colorado criminal justice system. It is possible that a driver may be able to plead to a lesser charge or that a skilled attorney can successfully challenge the blood alcohol concentration evidence. However, if the arrest results from an accident that leaves another driver injured, the charges may be more serious than DUI and may even include felonies.

2 men charged with multiple felonies after alleged robbery

There are many things factored in when an individual is issued criminal charges. The individual's actions during alleged crimes, previous criminal history and how questions are answered during an arrest can all factor into the outcome. Two men were recently charged with felonies, and their previous history and actions during a police pursuit could complicate their defense case. No matter the complication, Colorado criminal defense attorneys can advise an effective strategy to handle alleged crimes.

Should non-violent felonies result in jail time?

One Colorado District attorney is advocating for a change in how some arrests are made or are not made throughout the state. Some counties and jurisdictions are already opting to follow his advice on how to process alleged offenders for non-violent felonies. He has advised that officers use discretion and choose to issue summons to appear in court for some non-violent felonies versus a traditional arrest.

Former investigator charged with mulitple felonies

There are different defense strategies that attorneys may suggest for a client faced with criminal charges. Some clients may choose to deny all accusations and charges, and others may choose to accept a plea deal from prosecutors to lesson charges and resulting sentences. One Colorado man has chosen to accept a plea of guilty for some charges of felonies in exchange for other charges being dropped.

Felonies: Woman found guilty of stalking after catfishing scheme

Technology and social media have connected people in ways that simply were not possible before. Nevertheless, individuals may find themselves in legal trouble if they are accused of misusing technology and/or social media. One Colorado woman was recently found guilty of three felonies related to accusations of sexual assault and catfishing two of her friends.

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