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Challenging a Colorado Breathalyzer test

Being faced with a Breathalyzer test in Colorado can be a nerve-wracking situation, especially when you are visiting from out of state. It's likely that you had a drink or two, but were convinced that you were not over the limit when you stepped into the car.

The consequences of visiting Colorado and getting a DUI

When you are driving outside of your home state, it can be difficult to get a grasp on the slightly different rules of the road, and how different driving laws are enforced. Therefore, it can be common for out-of-state drivers to get pulled over, often being subject to a Breathalyzer test as a result.

Did you come home from a Colorado vacation with a DUI charge?

You probably intended to enjoy your vacation in Colorado: Skiing, hiking, visiting big cities and trekking the mountains are just some of the wonderful activities in the Centennial State. Some people, however, enjoy their time here a little too much. Whether you were drinking incredible craft beers brewed right in Colorado or taking advantage of adult recreational marijuana laws, you could end up with a souvenir you just didn't want.

Under 21 and facing a DUI? Here are things you ought to know

Imagine having a rough week in school. Your English Literature professor and Calculus professor both had tests on the same day and after days of intense studying, you are ready to blow off some steam. You are still a few months shy of your 21st birthday, so you drive to your friend's apartment in Boulder to unwind with a few beers.

DUIs come with serious consequences

With some of the best craft breweries in the country, Boulder offers a wide variety of drinking establishments. It's easy to park in one area and visit several different pubs and breweries during a Saturday afternoon. If you, like many other residents, enjoy various tasting events and other beer drinking activities on the weekends, then you could be in danger of receiving a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. If this happens, consequences will range far beyond those of the courtroom.

Can you get a DUI on a bike or scooter?

In today's modern and health-conscious age, a growing number of people are coming to realize the benefits of owning a bike or scooter. Depending on your life circumstances, you may come to find that one of these modes of transportation is better than a motor vehicle.

4 factors that affect blood alcohol content

When you drink, you probably have an idea about how much you can have before you are over the legal limit. The problem is that the alcohol content of a drink itself is not the only factor. There are other factors that could play a role in your blood alcohol content and end up causing you to get a DUI despite not drinking more than usual.

Did your Colorado vacation result in an unwanted DUI souvenir?

When you planned your trip to Colorado, you likely spent time looking at towns, resorts and rental car companies. You prioritized what you wanted to see on your trip, whether it was the mountains around Boulder or Casa Bonita in Denver. You traveled to Colorado and began enjoying yourself. Unfortunately, law enforcement may have decided that you enjoyed yourself too much.

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