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Medical professional allegedly commits felonies, facing charges

A Colorado medical professional is currently facing serious criminal charges for fraud, deceit and drug crimes. The woman willingly turned herself in after local law enforcement obtained a warrant for her arrest. Conviction of felonies and other types of criminal charges are serious, and she will find it beneficial at this point to start working on her defense.

These charges stem from an investigation that was launched after a man told authorities that the doctor to whom he sold his medical practice was pressuring his former employees to fill prescriptions for her. The employees allege their jobs were at stake if they did not fill the prescriptions for her. According to the doctor, she suffered from bad headaches and needs the medication.

Witnesses claim that she was seen acting erratically in the office and around patient, but it is not immediately clear if there is any evidence to back up these allegations outside of the word of her employees. In addition to the criminal charges she is up against, she is also facing the possibility of losing her medical license. In her specific situation, the consequences of a conviction could affect her personal life, career and long-term opportunities. 

When facing drug charges, it is beneficial to work with a lawyer experienced in helping Colorado defendants fight back against felonies and other criminal charges. The accused has the right to a presumption of innocence, as well as the right to fight back against any charges against her. A complete evaluation of the individual situation can determine how to move forward with the most effective defense strategy possible. 

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