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Felonies: Professional football player charged following accident

A professional football player, Demaryius Thomas, was recently charged with vehicular assault in Colorado. Vehicular assault is considered a felony in Colorado. Drivers may be interested to learn that they can face criminal charges, including felonies, in vehicle accidents only involving one vehicle.

Thomas was recently part of the Texans, but he is now considered a free agent. Few details were reported about his recent accident, but it has been reported that the accident only involved Thomas' vehicle. Whatever events led to the accident, the vehicle was reported to have lost control and rolled over.

Thomas' felony charge stems from the injuries that a female passenger suffered during the accident. The passenger is expected to survive, but her injuries are reportedly serious. Felony charges in accidents such as Thomas' may result when a driver is believed to have been driving recklessly. It was not reported if investigators believe that Thomas was speeding or driving under the influence.

Individuals who face similar felonies related to car accidents would likely benefit from the advice of a criminal defense attorney. If convicted, any felony on an individual's reputation could cause future complications. Individuals who are formally charged with felonies have faced fines, jail time, community service and difficulty with future job applications. In this particular case, Thomas could face a personal injury lawsuit if the injured victim determines it to be her course of action. Colorado attorneys are skilled in handling all levels of felonies and can advise clients according to the collected evidence in a case.

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