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Crash results in DUI, other charges for Colorado man

Though many drivers face criminal charges for drunk driving, these criminal cases are no walk in the park. If a person is accused of DUI, he or she likely faces a long road ahead that could potentially end in serious consequences. However, negative outcomes are not a guarantee, and working on a criminal defense is wise.

It was recently reported that one man in Colorado was taken into custody after authorities suspected him of driving under the influence. Apparently, officers responded to the scene of a car accident, and the driver of the vehicle had reportedly walked away from the scene. However, authorities came across the man not too long after. Reasons for suspicion were not given in the report, but nonetheless, the man was taken into custody for DUI and careless driving.

The man reportedly consented to have a blood test to determine blood alcohol concentration levels. At the hospital, he allegedly became combative and caused injury to one of the officers. He also purportedly tried to harm another officer. As a result, he is now facing charges for assault and attempted assault on a peace officer in addition to the DUI and careless driving charges.

A DUI charge is complicated in itself, and this Colorado man also has other serious allegations to address. He may find it useful to prepare for his case in the manner he deems most fitting and to explore his criminal defense options. His legal journey may be difficult, but having the right information and assistance may make it somewhat easier.

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