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Colorado DUI arrests down over St. Patrick's

Whether it is green beer or some other libation, many people in Colorado and elsewhere enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day with alcohol. While this is certainly within their right if they are of legal age, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking can, of course, lead to serious consequences for the drivers as well as others on the road. The good news is that a recent report claims the number of DUI arrests over the St. Patrick's Day weekend declined from the same time the previous year.

According to a recent article, 293 individuals were arrested for DUI over the 2019 St. Patrick's Day weekend. Over the course of St. Patrick's Day celebrations in 2018, 323 people were arrested by Colorado State Police and local agencies. This represents more than a 10 percent decrease in the number of individuals arrested.

Most of the arrests occurred in Denver, with 31, and Colorado Springs and Aurora arrested 26 and 15 individuals, respectively, while the Colorado State Police arrested 38 in various other locations. The Colorado Department of Transportation credits the state's free ride-sharing program with the decrease in the number of arrests made. The department said over 4,200 people pledged to drive sober, which is welcome news to all involved.

Regardless of whether it occurs in Colorado or some other state, facing charges for DUI can be a harrowing experience for the accused. Still, those facing such charges are innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until convicted in court. An astute criminal defense attorney with experience handling DUI cases can devise an effective strategy to fight the charges against the accused in an attempt to preserve his or her driving privileges and freedom.

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