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March 2019 Archives

Colorado DUI arrests down over St. Patrick's

Whether it is green beer or some other libation, many people in Colorado and elsewhere enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day with alcohol. While this is certainly within their right if they are of legal age, getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking can, of course, lead to serious consequences for the drivers as well as others on the road. The good news is that a recent report claims the number of DUI arrests over the St. Patrick's Day weekend declined from the same time the previous year.

Medical professional allegedly commits felonies, facing charges

A Colorado medical professional is currently facing serious criminal charges for fraud, deceit and drug crimes. The woman willingly turned herself in after local law enforcement obtained a warrant for her arrest. Conviction of felonies and other types of criminal charges are serious, and she will find it beneficial at this point to start working on her defense.

Crash results in DUI, other charges for Colorado man

Though many drivers face criminal charges for drunk driving, these criminal cases are no walk in the park. If a person is accused of DUI, he or she likely faces a long road ahead that could potentially end in serious consequences. However, negative outcomes are not a guarantee, and working on a criminal defense is wise.

Felonies: Professional football player charged following accident

A professional football player, Demaryius Thomas, was recently charged with vehicular assault in Colorado. Vehicular assault is considered a felony in Colorado. Drivers may be interested to learn that they can face criminal charges, including felonies, in vehicle accidents only involving one vehicle.

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