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Sticker shock over the cost of a Colorado DUI

Colorado drivers facing charges for driving under the influence may find themselves dealing with penalties that can range from time behind bars to loss of driving privileges. The severity of penalties and other consequences depends largely upon the driver's criminal history, particularly the number of previous drunk driving offenses on his or her record. One of the most significant consequences associated with a DUI in the state are the fines and fees a driver may have to pay.

The Colorado Springs Police Department recently released a video that emphasizes the steep cost of a DUI. The department claims that drivers facing this type of criminal charge could face financial losses amounting to $13,000. The purpose of the video is to discourage drivers from operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and it also includes statements from two people convicted of DUI.

In the video, one women describes how her life changed after causing a fatal DUI accident. Another man speaks of the non-economic losses associated with his DUI conviction, including some personal relationships, his job and his freedoms. These testimonies emphasize the serious impact of a DUI conviction. Individuals facing these charges would be wise to take their cases seriously and seek to build a strong defense strategy.

A DUI can change a person's life. It is possible to effectively confront these charges, and people arrested for DUI will find it helpful to seek defense help as soon as possible. When it is a person's future and personal freedoms on the line, it is never too early start evaluating potential defense options. 

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