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Driving under the influence can ruin the holiday

The holiday season has arrived in Colorado and with it the festive party season. There is a significant increase in the number of parties and other social engagements in the month of December, and this can mean an increase in the number of people who are driving under the influence. This can increase the likelihood of a serious or even fatal accident.

Colorado's "Heat is On Campaign" is intended to help reduce the number of accidents during the party season by encouraging drivers to take precautions. There were 656 arrests of impaired drivers in 2017, and the Colorado Department of Transportation is hoping that will decrease this year. CDOT is suggesting that people designate a sober driver or use one of the many ride sharing apps that are available.

The holidays are meant to be a happy time shared with friends and family. Combining alcohol and driving can turn a happy time into a tragedy. Think twice before getting behind the wheel, and if there is any doubt as to one's ability to drive safely, don't.

If an accident does occur, and one is involved in a Colorado drunk driving incident, it can be a very frightening and unsettling experience. This may be particularly true in the event of a possible first time offense which can befall party goers who may not be aware of the affect of alcohol on one's ability to drive. As awful as the experience may seem, a lawyer may be able to help soften the shock and will be able to ensure that one is aware of all of one's rights under the law.

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