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2 men charged with multiple felonies after alleged robbery

There are many things factored in when an individual is issued criminal charges. The individual's actions during alleged crimes, previous criminal history and how questions are answered during an arrest can all factor into the outcome. Two men were recently charged with felonies, and their previous history and actions during a police pursuit could complicate their defense case. No matter the complication, Colorado criminal defense attorneys can advise an effective strategy to handle alleged crimes.

The men's path to arrest began after an employee of a lumber store noticed one of the company's box trucks traveling away from the company early in the morning. Later, the men were observed emptying store merchandise from the truck to a sedan. It is believed that the men allegedly broke into the lumber store, loaded the box truck with $30,000 of merchandise and stole the truck.

Allegedly, the men noticed authorities were suspicious and fled in the sedan. They have been accused of forcing police to perform a high speed chase for more than 25 miles. Despite authorities successfully using stop sticks to flatten two of the vehicle's tires, the men continued to drive until the vehicle came to a stop. One man attempted to run away, but he was apprehended. Allegedly, the men were also under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the arrest.

Although facing multiple felonies during a complex arrest with many alleged offenses, experienced criminal defense attorneys can be an asset to an individual's defense strategy. Colorado can advise clients during police questioning in hopes of preventing further harm to a person's case and can advise the best approach to the issued charges. In some cases, a conviction cannot be avoided, but a skilled attorney may be able to help negotiate lesser charges.

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