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Judge arrested for DUI; recently admitted guilt in court

A Colorado judge found herself on the other side of the law this past year. She faced three different charges, one of which was a DUI. The 60-year-old judge would have likely been able to defend herself from her years of experience in private practice, years as a prosecutor and the last eight years as a judge. Despite her extensive legal experience, she sought the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

All the details of the judge's January arrest were not released, and it is unknown what prompted authorities to pull the judge over in the first place. However, once authorities pulled the judge over, drunk driving was suspected and a blood alcohol test was ordered. The test revealed a .137 blood alcohol level.

The arrest resulted in three formal charges for the judge. She was charged with a DUI, careless driving and failure to display proof of insurance. The third charge was dismissed, and she decided to plead guilty to the first two charges. She has been sentenced to a 24-month deferred sentence, 48 hours of community service and a $100 fine.

As in the judge's case, it is wise for most individuals to seek the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney when charged with a DUI. Some individuals may be able to form a defense strategy to have all charges removed, and others may choose a defense strategy similar to the judge's and plead guilty to some and/or all charges in exchange for a lessened sentence. After examining the details of a case, a Colorado attorney can advise the best strategy for the circumstances based on the expected outcome.

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