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Colorado police arrest 2 people for DUI after crash

A recent evening was busy for some Colorado authorities. A serious accident occurred as a result of a drunk driver, and during the process of investigating the accident, another individual was arrested and charged with a DUI. Both individuals will likely benefit from the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney as they face their charges.

The first driver charged with a DUI is a 64-year-old male. Reportedly, he was traveling northbound when he collided with another vehicle traveling in the same direction. The impact of the collision resulted in the other vehicle crossing the median into the opposite lanes of traffic. The other vehicle crashed, and the driver suffered serious injuries. His condition at the time of the report is unknown. 

In the process of investigating the accident, another individual was arrested for a DUI. Authorities reported that the driver drove through the barricades around the scene of the accident. Fortunately, no crash or injuries occurred. Both drivers face serious charges in court, and the first driver faces charges of vehicular assault due to the injuries that another individual suffered.

Individuals charged with a DUI will find an experienced criminal defense attorney to be a great resource and support as they process their charges and attend any court hearings. After a review of the collected evidence, an experienced Colorado attorney will advise a client of the best defense strategy. In cases where convictions for charges cannot be avoided, attorneys are often able to negotiate a lesser sentence and/or dismissal of some charges. 

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