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Colorado attorneys are an asset after an arrest for DUI

This week will begin the winter holiday season with Thanksgiving and other holiday parties to soon follow. While many will be gathered together, enjoying the holidays, consumption of alcohol is often a common occurrence. Unfortunately, data indicates that many in Colorado will make the poor choice of driving after consuming alcohol at holiday events, and DUI arrests may occur.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is aware that drinking and driving may occur more around the holidays and other special events. The CDOT has implemented a program called "The Heat Is On" in recent years, in hope that it may reduce the occurrence. Most importantly, it wants to reduce the number of fatalities related to driving while intoxicated.

Last year, law enforcement implemented sobriety checkpoints, increased law enforcement on the roads and dedicated law enforcement officers to monitor for impaired drivers over the Thanksgiving holidays. Last year, 617 individuals ate their turkey and ended the Thanksgiving break with an arrest for impaired driving. Sadly, 23 fatalities occurred in the month of November related to motor vehicle accidents that involved impaired driving.

Individuals who make the mistake of driving impaired this Thanksgiving week may find themselves in a similar situation to those who were arrested last year. A DUI is a serious offense, and a conviction for a DUI can result in a cascade of life changes, beginning with the suspension of a driver's license, fines and jail time. A Colorado criminal defense attorney is a valuable resource following arrest and charges of a DUI, and can assist an individual through police questioning and court hearings.

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