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November 2018 Archives

Colorado police arrest 2 people for DUI after crash

A recent evening was busy for some Colorado authorities. A serious accident occurred as a result of a drunk driver, and during the process of investigating the accident, another individual was arrested and charged with a DUI. Both individuals will likely benefit from the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney as they face their charges.

Colorado attorneys are an asset after an arrest for DUI

This week will begin the winter holiday season with Thanksgiving and other holiday parties to soon follow. While many will be gathered together, enjoying the holidays, consumption of alcohol is often a common occurrence. Unfortunately, data indicates that many in Colorado will make the poor choice of driving after consuming alcohol at holiday events, and DUI arrests may occur.

Should non-violent felonies result in jail time?

One Colorado District attorney is advocating for a change in how some arrests are made or are not made throughout the state. Some counties and jurisdictions are already opting to follow his advice on how to process alleged offenders for non-violent felonies. He has advised that officers use discretion and choose to issue summons to appear in court for some non-violent felonies versus a traditional arrest.

Colorado woman convicted of DUI and setenced to prision

The consequences of a conviction for drunk driving in Colorado can be serious. A criminal defense attorney can help an individual understand the potential sentencing of a DUI charge in the event of a conviction. In order to recommend a defense, an attorney evaluates collected evidence, the extent of property damage, and injuries and/or death caused to others in the event that an accident occurs from the actions of a drunk driver. One woman is facing a 26-year prison sentence after an accident she was involved in resulted in the death of a father and son.

Judge arrested for DUI; recently admitted guilt in court

A Colorado judge found herself on the other side of the law this past year. She faced three different charges, one of which was a DUI. The 60-year-old judge would have likely been able to defend herself from her years of experience in private practice, years as a prosecutor and the last eight years as a judge. Despite her extensive legal experience, she sought the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

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