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Mother has hope despite DUI arrests

Last year, one mother began to lose hope in what her future would look like. The mother of three found herself arrested for two DUIs in the short span of 30 days. She recently graduated from a Sobriety Court that was established in a Colorado community in 2011, designed to help prevent repeat DUI offenses.

The woman was given a second chance to participate in the Sobriety Court following her second offense. She recently graduated from the program after 18 months of participating. Reportedly, 438 individuals have graduated from the program, and data indicates that graduates are 19 times less likely to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The program involves random alcohol testing, therapy, classes and community service. The therapy is aimed at discovering any underlying issues for individuals that may have led to the intoxicated driving. The course typically takes between 14-24 months to complete, and individuals must remain sober for 90 days before they can graduate. The program requires many other things out of participants such as being present at all court appearances as well as establishing a plan to follow after graduation.

An arrest for a DUI is certainly overwhelming to process. Authorities and the judicial system take charges very seriously because of the harm that can result due to drunk driving. A Colorado criminal defense attorney is equipped to advise individuals of the available options for a defense of charges, including the possibility of participating in a program similar to Sobriety Court to reduce charges and improve future outcomes.

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