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Former investigator charged with mulitple felonies

There are different defense strategies that attorneys may suggest for a client faced with criminal charges. Some clients may choose to deny all accusations and charges, and others may choose to accept a plea deal from prosecutors to lesson charges and resulting sentences. One Colorado man has chosen to accept a plea of guilty for some charges of felonies in exchange for other charges being dropped.

The 69-year-old man had been charged with 8 different crimes. The crimes charged were due to his alleged involvement with a nationwide bookmaking ring. To make matters worse, the man was the chief investigator for a District Attorney's office when the crimes occurred, and he was accused of using connections through his employment in the bookmaking and gambling scheme. Reportedly, the man has had a 30-year career in law enforcement. 

The man accepted a plea deal from the District Attorney, and he agreed to offer a plea of guilty for two charges. In return, his other charges would be dropped and he would serve his sentence on probation. According to the law, the judge has the final say in sentencing and has the right to honor the sentencing proposed by the DA or issue his own sentence. 

Every criminal case is different, and the collected evidence needs to be thoroughly examined in order for the right strategy to be determined. Once evidence is examined, Colorado attorneys can explain a client's options for approaching criminal charges. As in this case, a plea of guilty to some felonies can sometimes be an effective strategy to lesson charges and sentence terms. 

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