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Felonies: Woman found guilty of stalking after catfishing scheme

Technology and social media have connected people in ways that simply were not possible before. Nevertheless, individuals may find themselves in legal trouble if they are accused of misusing technology and/or social media. One Colorado woman was recently found guilty of three felonies related to accusations of sexual assault and catfishing two of her friends.

Catfishing involves the use of fake social media accounts to convince another person that they are in a relationship. Recently, a woman was charged in criminal court for allegedly using social media to trick two of her friends into believing they were in relationships with fake individuals. Details are not clear, but at some point, she was also accused of sexually assaulting one of the two friends.

The woman's case went to trial in August, but it resulted in a mistrial. She was recently retried and convicted of some of the charges but found not guilty on one charge. She was found guilty of two counts of stalking and one count of sexual assault, all felonies. She was found innocent on a charge of tampering with a witness or victim, a misdemeanor count. Sentencing is scheduled for December.

Cybercrimes such as these can be complicated and often difficult to navigate. A skilled Colorado criminal defense attorney can assist a client with developing a defense strategy based on the collected evidence and the applicable laws. An experienced attorney will be aware of how the laws can be applied to newer felonies involving social media and the internet and will guide the client accordingly.

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