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DUI: Teens witness the reality of a fatal crash

Recently, the majority of students of one Colorado high school got an up-close view of the reality involved with horrific car crashes. A mock crash was simulated in front of a student body over the course of 24 hours by the "Every 15 Minutes" educational program. Volunteers and creators of the program hope that the visualization will help students understand the serious consequences that can result from distracted driving, a DUI or talking to others in a vehicle.

The program was created based on recent statistics that report there is a death approximately every 15 minutes in the United States as a result of a car crash. Most car crashes can be avoided when some simple rules are followed. It is not known yet if the program will impact the driving of teenagers, but volunteers reported the majority of teens watching the mock accident were very serious.

While seated in the stadium, students watched a video of a horrific car accident. Reportedly, sounds of sirens were played throughout the stadium as students watched as victims of the crash were attempted to be rescued and medically treated. To further make a point, the students who could have been involved in the mock crash had been removed from their classes, family and friends until the entire day was over. Mock obituaries written by the students' parents were also read to students in their classes following the accident.

Part of the mock accident also included students witnessing what it would be like for an alleged at-fault driver to receive court advisement. In addition to the emotion a driver responsible for a crash may feel, there may be serious legal consequences to face in court. Colorado criminal defense attorneys are skilled to advise drivers on distracted driving or DUI charges. Securing an attorney at the earliest opportunity following charges is usually in an individual's best interest.

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