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October 2018 Archives

Former investigator charged with mulitple felonies

There are different defense strategies that attorneys may suggest for a client faced with criminal charges. Some clients may choose to deny all accusations and charges, and others may choose to accept a plea deal from prosecutors to lesson charges and resulting sentences. One Colorado man has chosen to accept a plea of guilty for some charges of felonies in exchange for other charges being dropped.

Mother has hope despite DUI arrests

Last year, one mother began to lose hope in what her future would look like. The mother of three found herself arrested for two DUIs in the short span of 30 days. She recently graduated from a Sobriety Court that was established in a Colorado community in 2011, designed to help prevent repeat DUI offenses.

Felonies: Woman found guilty of stalking after catfishing scheme

Technology and social media have connected people in ways that simply were not possible before. Nevertheless, individuals may find themselves in legal trouble if they are accused of misusing technology and/or social media. One Colorado woman was recently found guilty of three felonies related to accusations of sexual assault and catfishing two of her friends.

DUI: Teens witness the reality of a fatal crash

Recently, the majority of students of one Colorado high school got an up-close view of the reality involved with horrific car crashes. A mock crash was simulated in front of a student body over the course of 24 hours by the "Every 15 Minutes" educational program. Volunteers and creators of the program hope that the visualization will help students understand the serious consequences that can result from distracted driving, a DUI or talking to others in a vehicle.

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