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Woman charged with felonies related to GoFundMe account

GoFundMe has revolutionized how people can request financial help from friends, family members and strangers for various needs in an individual's lives. One Colorado woman has been charged with several felonies related to her use of a GoFundMe account and how she handled the funds. She has likely sought the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney in the aftermath of the charges. 

The 45-year-old woman has been accused of more than one crime for offenses dating as far back as 2010. The most recent alleged crime occurred in 2017. Authorities have accused the woman of faking an illness in order to encourage others to donate funds for her medical care. She has allegedly received $20,000 in funds through her GoFundMe account.

In addition, she has been charged with using the account to make unauthorized transactions with other people's accounts. She faces charges of theft, ID theft, charitable fraud, unauthorized transactions and forgery of a government document. She was recently arrested, but she posted her $10,000 bail.

Charges of felonies are serious and can have a wide range of consequences if convicted. Past criminal offenses and the alleged crime are all taken into consideration when determining a sentence in a conviction. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Colorado can review the collected evidence in a case and advise an individual of the best defense strategy. Individuals often find securing the right attorney as soon as possible to be in his or her best interest. When convictions cannot be avoided, attorneys remain an asset and at times may be able to negotiate a lessened sentence.

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