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Man charged with DUI and other charges after teenager's death

Every day, an average of 60 people in Colorado find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney related to some sort of intoxication from an impairing substance. Every case is different, and charges may be filed based on an individual's previous history, the circumstances of the DUI and the number of people harmed as a result of an alleged intoxication. One 25-year-old man is currently facing serious charges in relation to alleged drunk driving that resulted in the death of a teenage boy.

Reportedly, the teenage boy was illegally crossing the road on foot when the crash occurred. Sadly, the driver struck the boy with his vehicle and seriously injured him. The driver allegedly did not remain at the scene of the crash and sped away. He was later found, arrested and charged.

Following the accident, the Colorado Department of Transporation reminded citizens that drunk driving fatalities can be prevented. Instead of drivers guessing their level of soberness, the CDOT has encouraged drivers to obtain a smartphone Breathalyzer. Reportedly, the Breathalyzer is able to accurately read an individual's intoxication as well as notifying an individual of when it should be safe to drive.

An involvement or accusation of a DUI that involves a fatality may involve serious charges and serious consequences if convicted. Colorado criminal defense attorneys are able to offer advice to a client of his or her best defense strategy. Attorneys advise that securing legal advice as soon as an arrest is made is often in the best interest of a defendant.

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