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Felonies: Man accused of stealing truck

Processing criminal charges through the Colorado criminal court system can be lengthy and complicated. Unfortunately, one man is finding out firsthand how difficult the system can be after he has been charged with multiple felonies.  He has been accused of stealing a truck along with some other offenses.

Reportedly, the truck was reported as stolen, but it was two days before authorities became aware of the situation. With the assistance of the truck's OnStar navigation system, authorities were able to locate the vehicle and began a pursuit of the truck and its driver. Police say the driver of the pickup was speeding to evade authorities, but the truck crashed into a fence after the OnStar system on the truck was disabled.

Allegedly, the pickup truck driver fled on foot. Authorities apprehended the man and returned with him to the truck. Following a search of the truck, authorities allegedly found a stolen gun and methamphetamines. Unfortunately for the man, he has other warrants for his arrest, complicating his situation. A preliminary hearing was initially postponed, though the reason for doing so was not reported. 

Charges of felonies are understandably serious and can result in significant consequences if they result in a conviction. Securing the right skilled criminal defense attorney in Colorado is a crucial step in defending against formal accusations. Attorneys also advise that having an attorney present for all police questioning and initial hearings is in the best interest of the accused individual and may tip the scales toward achieving the best attainable outcome.

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