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DUI: Colorado authorities watching for offenders during fall

Fall is in the air. Football games are being played, the baseball season is coming to an end and fall festivals are occurring all over the state. The Colorado Department of Transportation is aware that with fall festivities, there is also an increased chance of intoxicated driving. The CDOT is promoting another "The Heat is On" campaign through the fall festival period in hopes of reducing DUI cases.

The campaign run by the CDOT during times of the year when there are chances of increased intoxicated driving. During the program, officers may set up sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrol and additional officers on duty.  During the last campaign over the Labor Day holiday weekend, 886 individuals were arrested for a DUI.

The CDOT is also heavily promoting Breathalyzers that can be purchased and has used street hawkers to help promote the device at baseball games. A partnership with the company BACtrack has allowed the personal Breathalyzers to be offered at a discount price. Authorities are passionate about reducing the amount of DUIs because of the 37 alcohol-related car fatalities that occurred last year during the fall festivities in Colorado.

Colorado officials are hopeful that personalized Breathalyzers will help reduce DUI cases, arrests and related property damage or injuries. Punishment for a DUI can have a substantial impact on an individual's life. Depending on criminal history, licenses can be suspended, fines may be ordered and jail time is possible. Colorado criminal defense attorneys can advise a client of the best approach to defend against criminal charges.

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