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September 2018 Archives

Getting charged with a DUI in Colorado as a Wyoming resident

If you have driven across the state border for a weekend away or a work event, you may have gone out for what you thought were a few harmless drinks before driving to your Colorado accommodation. The way alcoholic drinks affect our blood stream can be hard to fully control, so other factors such as hydration, body weight and food intake can lead to our being officially over the limit even when we think that we have not imbibed very much.

Woman charged with felonies related to GoFundMe account

GoFundMe has revolutionized how people can request financial help from friends, family members and strangers for various needs in an individual's lives. One Colorado woman has been charged with several felonies related to her use of a GoFundMe account and how she handled the funds. She has likely sought the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney in the aftermath of the charges. 

DUI: Colorado authorities watching for offenders during fall

Fall is in the air. Football games are being played, the baseball season is coming to an end and fall festivals are occurring all over the state. The Colorado Department of Transportation is aware that with fall festivities, there is also an increased chance of intoxicated driving. The CDOT is promoting another "The Heat is On" campaign through the fall festival period in hopes of reducing DUI cases.

Man charged with DUI and other charges after teenager's death

Every day, an average of 60 people in Colorado find themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney related to some sort of intoxication from an impairing substance. Every case is different, and charges may be filed based on an individual's previous history, the circumstances of the DUI and the number of people harmed as a result of an alleged intoxication. One 25-year-old man is currently facing serious charges in relation to alleged drunk driving that resulted in the death of a teenage boy.

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