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Man charged with multiple felonies after slow-speed chase

High-speed car chases are exciting to watch in movies and television shows. Typically, however, movie producers fail to show the consequences that can follow a chase. Property damage, injuries to innocent bystanders, fines and jail time if offenders are convicted are all possibilities. One Colorado man is discovering that police chases are not exactly what the movies make them out to be after being charged with 23 offenses, including 10 felonies.

The 37-year-old man's adventure began after he allegedly stole a vehicle. Reportedly, he left the first vehicle and traded it in for a stolen tow truck. While fleeing in the tow truck, he crashed into another vehicle and fled the scene of the accident on foot. At a water facility, the man spotted a $70,000 tractor and used it to continue to flee authorities.

The slow-speed chase of the man on the tractor continued until he hit another vehicle and came to a stop at a golf course fence. He allegedly tried to steal another vehicle but was unsuccessful and was caught on foot. To make legal matters for the man worse, police claim that the man strangled and bit a police dog. Among his many charges is a charge of cruelty to a working dog.

Some charged individuals may feel they have no hope in a court of law after being charged with multiple felonies and other misdemeanors. Colorado criminal defense attorneys can examine the collected evidence and police reports, and advise a client on the legal options available. With the right defense strategy, some accused individuals may see charges reduced or dismissed, depending on the circumstances.

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