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August 2018 Archives

Soccer coach charged wtih serious felonies; terminated from job

Employers often take criminal charges of an employee very seriously. Depending on the job that needs to be completed, individuals may find themselves suspended or terminated simply based on the charges. One Colorado man was recently terminated from his job due to the charges of felonies he faces. He has likely sought the advice of a skilled criminal defense attorney as he navigates the aftermath of his charges.

Who gets a persistent drunk driving designation in Colorado?

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes people face criminal consequences for those mistakes. One common decision that people make that winds up creating trouble is the decision to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. Most people learn their lesson after getting caught once for this kind of offense.

Recent study offers intersting data in DUI cases

With the legalization of marijuana in 2014, there has been a significant interest in understanding the impact the legalization may or may not have on criminal cases in Colorado. The results of a study conducted on thousands of DUI cases in 2016 has produced some interesting results. Among the thousands of cases studied, only 6 percent of DUI cases involved marijuana.

DMV hearings: When can a license be suspended?

Two years ago, a 14-year-old Colorado boy was killed by an 81-year-old driver. In addition to driving drunk, there was evidence that the woman and her family had been concerned about her ability to drive due to her age. After discussions about her ability to drive, it was determined that she would only drive short distances during the day, and her family assisted her at night or for long journeys. Naturally, some inquired for reasons why authorities did not intervene and revoke the woman's license after concerns were raised. In cases such as this one, license revocation and reissuing occurs through DMV hearings.

DUI: Lab creates Breathalyzer to detect THC

Ever since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, there has been much debate about how to detect if drivers are operating their motor vehicles under the influence. It has been difficult for authorities to make a consistent case for a driver charged with a DUI when it involves marijuana, because arrests are sometimes based on the subjective opinion of an officer and a controversial blood test. Cannabis users in Colorado may be interested to hear about a lab's new Breathalyzer to detect THC on the breath.

Man charged with multiple felonies after slow-speed chase

High-speed car chases are exciting to watch in movies and television shows. Typically, however, movie producers fail to show the consequences that can follow a chase. Property damage, injuries to innocent bystanders, fines and jail time if offenders are convicted are all possibilities. One Colorado man is discovering that police chases are not exactly what the movies make them out to be after being charged with 23 offenses, including 10 felonies.

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