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Man charged with DUI after nearly crashing into building

For a wide range of reasons, car accidents occur all over in Colorado on a daily basis. Distraction, reckless driving, weather conditions and negligent drivers can all result in an accident. When a crash may be the result of a drunk driver, the accused driver likely will need to consult the advice of a criminal defense attorney. One man recently crashed his truck and has been charged with a DUI, among other charges.

Authorities are speculating that the crash may have begun with the accused driver's anger toward another driver. Allegedly, the man, who was driving a pickup truck, began to follow another driver in a fit of anger. In the process, he may have lost control of his truck, resulting in the crash.

The man's truck stopped short of the Colorado Springs City Auditorium by just a few inches. While it did knock out a tree and damaged a lamp post, the building was spared. Reportedly the man was injured and was anticipated to be released to home after treatment. The other driver also faces a citation for not having any car insurance.

A DUI is a serious charge and if a conviction is ultimately obtained, can remain on a person's permanent record. A Colorado criminal defense attorney can advise on the best defense strategy after reviewing the evidence and the individual's personal record. Securing a lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest or charges are made is most often in the best interest of the charged individual. 

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