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Lake Christina fire: Young adults charged with felonies

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife maintain shooting ranges across the state for participants to enjoy the sport of shooting. Within the ranges, many rules exist, including the types of bullets that can or cannot be used. Two young people recently discovered the types of bullets they used are illegal and could face thousands in fines and years in prison if they are found guilty of their charged felonies.

The 22-year-old female and 23-year-old male decided to shoot on the range using tracer bullets. Tracer bullets have a pyrotechnic charge when shot, making them dangerous in drought conditions. Although they are dangerous in drought conditions, they are actually illegal at all times on shooting ranges. Unfortunately, both young adults have been accused of starting the recent fire near Lake Christina. Authorities believe that their use of tracer bullets may have been the beginning of the devastating fire.

It is believed that within 48 hours of the first spark that 5,000 acres were burned. During the disaster, 1,793 people were evacuated from 664 homes, and three homes were destroyed. It is hoped that the fire will have 100 percent containment by the end of July. The young adults both face an arson charge and a charge of firing woods or prairie. Both could end up in prison for up to six years and be ordered to pay as much as $500,000 in fines.

Criminal defense attorneys are aware that convictions of serious felonies can hinder a young person's future. Colorado attorneys will work with clients to develop a defense strategy in hopes of avoiding a conviction or negotiate the terms of sentencing if a conviction cannot be avoided. In order to get the most use out of an attorney, clients often find it in their best interest to seek advice as soon as they have been accused of a crime.

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