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An ignition interlock device could help you stay on the road

Impaired driving contributes to a significant number of accidents in Colorado and across the country every year. These crashes often result in catastrophic injuries or even deaths to innocent people who did not make the decision to drive while intoxicated. Even in situations where no one ends up hurt, the person who gets behind the wheel after a few drinks can face very steep legal consequences.

Most people understand that impaired driving could result in jail time and fines, but fewer people understand that the loss of driving privileges is also likely. While you consider options for defending yourself against impaired driving charges, you should also consider whether you can retain your license and ability to drive.

Losing you license is a serious penalty

The loss of your license to drive can be a serious problem for many people. You very likely have to drive every day to work. You also need a vehicle to shop for groceries, take your kids to school or access medical care. Boulder has public transportation, but the scheduling could make you late for important appointments or work.

Chronic tardiness could have an adverse impact on your career. You can lose your job, or your boss could overlook you for raises and promotions because you are perceived to be unreliable. Having the ability to drive is more than simply freedom. It allows you to remain competitive in your career and to keep your family safe and secure. Losing your license can impact your job, as well as your self-esteem and self-sufficiency.

An ignition interlock device could let you stay on the road

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a technological advancement that protects the public while letting you retain driving privileges. An IID properly installed in a vehicle will not allow the vehicle to start until the driver passes a chemical breath test. To that end, Colorado created a restricted licensing program for those convicted of impaired driving.

Participating in this program provides defendants with limited licenses while their regular licenses are suspended. With an IID, you have to pay for the installation of the device in your vehicle. You will also need to pay a monthly maintenance/inspection fee. When you attempt to start the vehicle, you will first need to blow into the device. You may also need to repeat the test as you drive to ensure you did not have someone else perform and pass the test on your behalf.

Complying with the rules of this program can allow you to retain some of your independence and mobility while still keeping everyone else safe. However, violating the terms of your limited license can have serious consequences. Your limited license will only allow you to drive a vehicle with an IID installed. If you get caught driving another vehicle or having a passenger complete the test on your behalf, you could face arrest and loss of your restricted license.

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