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July 2018 Archives

The law regarding DUI arrests in Colorado

A person can only be arrested under specific circumstances in Colorado. When a person is arrested without any good reason, he or she may be able to use the improper arrest as part of one's defense, and it may be able to aid when attempting to have charges dismissed.

Lake Christina fire: Young adults charged with felonies

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife maintain shooting ranges across the state for participants to enjoy the sport of shooting. Within the ranges, many rules exist, including the types of bullets that can or cannot be used. Two young people recently discovered the types of bullets they used are illegal and could face thousands in fines and years in prison if they are found guilty of their charged felonies.

Man charged with DUI after nearly crashing into building

For a wide range of reasons, car accidents occur all over in Colorado on a daily basis. Distraction, reckless driving, weather conditions and negligent drivers can all result in an accident. When a crash may be the result of a drunk driver, the accused driver likely will need to consult the advice of a criminal defense attorney. One man recently crashed his truck and has been charged with a DUI, among other charges.

DUI charges filed after teen allegedly steals, wrecks vehicle

The effects of a criminal conviction at a young age can be devastating. Criminal records may follow young people in Colorado for years, making it difficult for them to establish a strong foundation for their futures. This is especially true when facing serious charges such as DUI and motor vehicle theft.

Colorado driver accused of DUI, other charges after crash

While there are a variety of different methods to legally utilize Colorado roadways, some are safer than others. For example, a bicycle may be more difficult to see in comparison to a more traditional motor vehicle, especially during the early morning hours when there is less light. Unfortunately, a man now faces accusations of DUI, among others, following a recent crash involving a bicycle.

An ignition interlock device could help you stay on the road

Impaired driving contributes to a significant number of accidents in Colorado and across the country every year. These crashes often result in catastrophic injuries or even deaths to innocent people who did not make the decision to drive while intoxicated. Even in situations where no one ends up hurt, the person who gets behind the wheel after a few drinks can face very steep legal consequences.

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