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Pot busts: Bus driver accused of DUI, many tourists face arrests

Although the state of Colorado has legalized marijuana, many ways remain in which individuals can find themselves on the wrong side of the law when it comes to consumption and use. Several tourists enjoying marijuana party tours discovered just how much of a legal headache can still occur when partaking in marijuana products. Two different tour company vehicles containing tourists were subject to recent raids, and one driver was even arrested and charged with a DUI.

A limo owned by the company Colorado Cannabis Tours was stopped by undercover officers. As the officers inspected the vehicle and its occupants, they have been accused of being rough with the driver and the limo's occupants. The company's CEO expressed concern that authorities were aggressive in the effort to send a message to others. In total, 16 people were arrested.

On the same night a My 420 Tours party bus was also pulled over. Multiple tourists were issued citations for consuming marijuana in public, among other violations. Colorado law forbids the consumption of marijuana on a bus or limo but allows touring companies to operate consumption hotels for passengers to consume weed. The driver of the bus was arrested and placed in jail due to refusing to take a drug test after officers suspected the smell of marijuana on his breath.

It is often difficult to determine if someone is intoxicated and driving under the influence of marijuana. Current testing procedures are controversial, and individuals are often accused of intoxication based on an officer's subjective opinion. Because subjective opinions are difficult to prove legally, Colorado defense attorneys can advise an individual accused of a DUI of the right defense approach based on the details of his or her case.

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