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Drivers may be arrested for DUI during Colorado Summer Blitz

The summer is a peak time for fatal crashes in Colorado. Because law enforcement and the Colorado Department of Transportation are aware of the increased number of fatal crashes between Memorial Day and Labor Day, they are instituting several safety campaigns hoping to lower the number of deaths this summer. Because of the safety campaigns, many drivers may find themselves arrested and charged with DUI this summer.

A summer blitz occurred in June to check drivers throughout the state for any signs of intoxication. During the same summer blitz campaign last year, 508 arrests were made for DUIs. Law enforcement does not want to just stop intoxicated driving during these blitzes; it wants to prevent it. Law enforcement has been out encouraging and demonstrating how people can use a smartphone Breathalyzer to check their levels of intoxication. If people have a way to check their own intoxication, it is hoped that fewer people will attempt to drive under the influence, and it will help prevent alcohol-related fatalities.

Crashes throughout the summer can result in fatalities for other reasons. Statistics show that only one in four children are properly restrained in vehicles. Safety campaigns to educate the proper way to restrain a child are underway because when children are not correctly restrained, their chances of injuries or death increase when a crash occurs. Adults are also often not properly restrained. Law enforcement is issuing tickets for any drivers and passengers not restrained through the Click It or Ticket campaign.

Impacting the chance of fatal crashes is the increased traffic during the summer months. In addition, inexperienced teen drivers are often on the roads more while school is out of session, adding to crash statistics. Deaths that result from a DUI can be prevented and law enforcement is likely to not be lenient for those arrested this summer. Colorado criminal defense attorneys can help those have found themselves in a legal bind to advise on the best approach to their defense.

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