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Colorado sheriff deputy accused of felonies and arrested

No one is immune to being accused of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, some accusations can result in arrests and serious criminal charges. One Colorado sheriff's deputy has recently found himself on the other side of the law after being charged with multiple felonies. He has likely sought the advice of a criminal defense attorney in the aftermath of his charges.

The 35-year-old man is a deputy and had been assigned to security detail in a county jail. The specific details of what actions resulted in his recent arrest have not been reported. The description of his charges indicates that he may have allowed drugs to be moved into the jail or may have transported them himself. 

He has been officially charged with introducing contraband, unlawful possession with the intent to distribute and one count of misconduct. Reports state that the deputy was booked in the very facility that he has been employed, and the booking was likely conducted by his co-workers. He is currently on unpaid leave and could face losing his job, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Felonies are serious charges, and the consequences, if a conviction is made, can be life-altering. Individuals in similar complicated situations often find that securing a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as an arrest is made to their benefit. In this case, a skilled attorney would likely ask that a client be separated from inmates whom he may have interacted with for safety reasons. A Colorado attorney can advise a client through questioning, inform a client of the process to expect and advocate for a client's rights.

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