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6 counts of felonies dropped through plea deal

Proper disposal of chemicals is important for the environment and cleanliness of water sources. Violation of proper disposal can result in felonies and serious fines. A recent stakeout near a Colorado river resulted in the arrest of one man who was disposing household chemicals into the water.

Authorities were alerted to bottles of chemicals in the river that had been duct taped closed. Apparently, they suspected that the bottles contained waste from a meth cook set-up, and the chemicals were being tossed into the river to avoid discovery. Authorities secretly watched the river to catch the alleged culprit.

A 43-year-old man was caught tossing the bottles of chemicals into the river, and 74 were documented in total. Once the bottles were tested and the man's house was searched, no evidence of meth cooking was discovered. The man has not provided an explanation of why he tossed the chemicals into the river, which ended up only being common household chemicals such as bleach, isopropyl alcohol, sodium acetate trihydrate and others. Some photo paper and chemicals related to photo development were also found in his home and may have been related to the other chemical waste. Despite the fact that the man could spend up to 18 months in jail, six felony counts were dropped due to the plea deal he made with the district attorney's office, reducing increased punishment.

Being convicted of felonies can result in serious consequences. Securing the right Colorado criminal defense attorney can help with difficult charges. As in this case, some defendants are not able to avoid a conviction, but sometimes, charges can be dropped to result in a lesser sentence.

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