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If completely innocent of felonies, is a lawyer needed?

The criminal justice system is based on the guarantee that individuals are innocent until proven guilty, but anyone who has been accused of a crime may feel that the system operates as if individuals are guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, one Colorado man recently experienced the repercussions of being falsely accused of felonies. With the assistance of an attorney, his charges have been dropped.

The man's ordeal began with a police chase of a vehicle that contained a driver and three occupants, but he was not in the vehicle or involved in any part of the situation. The police were not able to stop the fleeing vehicle but later located three of the occupants from a search of the license plate in the DMV database. Reportedly the three occupants admitted to being in the vehicle, but they gave authorities a false name for the driver, not anticipating that anyone would be found.

The problem with the made-up name is that it matched a husband and father in Colorado. A warrant for his arrest was active, and he discovered it through the DMV. Although he turned himself in and provided an alibi, he was forced to spend 20 hours in prison. Despite evidence that he was not the driver, the man was forced to go all the way to trial to clear his name. His case was dismissed the first day of court.

Even in cases where an individual is falsely accused of felonies and/or misdemeanors and is completely innocent, the assistance of a knowledgeable criminal attorney can be invaluable. Criminal charges can be overwhelming, and it can be confusing in the immediate hours when being questioned by authorities. A Colorado attorney can help an individual answer questions without complicating legal matters and assist through all legal proceedings following.

Source:, "Felony warrant issued for Colorado man in mistaken identity case", Rachael Wardwell, April 28, 2018

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