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Former Uber driver arrested and convicted of DUI

Sometimes, evidence makes it difficult for charged individuals to avoid a conviction. Skilled Colorado attorneys are able to examine the evidence collected and advise clients on whether negotiating a plea deal is the best strategy to peruse. One former Uber driver was recently sentenced for a DUI conviction, and he may be able to avoid further jail time if he completes community corrections service.

The 44-year-old man was reportedly a past Uber ride-sharing driver but still maintained his Uber sticker on his vehicle. While transporting a passenger who claimed to believe that he was a ride-share driver at the time, he crashed into another vehicle. Other people were injured, and the accident investigation revealed that the former Uber driver's blood alcohol level had exceeded legal limits. He was arrested, charged and convicted of multiple crimes.

After serving 65 days in jail, the man was recently sentenced for his convicted crimes. Although the district attorney requested that the man serve time in prison, the judge instead sentenced him to three years of community service. If he is able to complete the service, he can avoid a three-year prison sentence. Two of his other convicted crimes required an additional 130 days in jail, but both were either suspended or voided.

One may think that a guilty verdict is not a successful criminal defense, but in cases such as this one, a skilled criminal defense attorney can negotiate a more favorable outcome in the sentencing. Colorado defense attorneys are an asset as soon as an arrest is made for a DUI, in order to assist an individual through questioning and well after a case is closed. Attorneys can remain a resource if questions arise following sentencing and parole requirements.

Source: Littleton, CO Patch, "Uber: Denver DUI Driver In Crash Was Not A Registered Employee", Jean Lotus, May 9, 2018

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