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May 2018 Archives

DUI patrols were incrased in Colorado over Memorial Day weekend

There are likely hundreds of people in Colorado needing the advice of a criminal defense lawyer this week. The Colorado Department of Transportation continued its campaign called the "Heat is On" this past Memorial Day weekend. Authorities all over Colorado participate in the campaign in hope to reduce the number of DUI-related fatalities. The campaign occurs off and on year-round during periods of anticipated increased drunk driving. 

DUI: Many drivers are being acquited of impariment by marijuana

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for years, but authorities continue to struggle with regulation. In particular, authorities have a difficult time with regulating drivers suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana. According to the District Attorney for Jefferson County, it has proven difficult to convict offenders of a DUI involving marijuana.

Hit-and-run results in felonies for driver

It is common for prosecutors to charge individuals with multiple criminal charges for the same alleged crime. If convicted of all charges, punishment can be issued for each charge during sentencing, increasing an individual's terms of punishment. It can be difficult to navigate how to build a defense strategy for all the different charges without a skilled Colorado criminal defense attorney. One man likely used an attorney following the multiple charges of felonies he faced.

Former Uber driver arrested and convicted of DUI

Sometimes, evidence makes it difficult for charged individuals to avoid a conviction. Skilled Colorado attorneys are able to examine the evidence collected and advise clients on whether negotiating a plea deal is the best strategy to peruse. One former Uber driver was recently sentenced for a DUI conviction, and he may be able to avoid further jail time if he completes community corrections service.

If completely innocent of felonies, is a lawyer needed?

The criminal justice system is based on the guarantee that individuals are innocent until proven guilty, but anyone who has been accused of a crime may feel that the system operates as if individuals are guilty until proven innocent. Unfortunately, one Colorado man recently experienced the repercussions of being falsely accused of felonies. With the assistance of an attorney, his charges have been dropped.

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