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April 2018 Archives

1 accused of DUI after allegedly fleeing the scene of a crash

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, it is advisable for everyone involved to remain at the scene of the collision. Not only can fleeing the scene of a crash lead to criminal charges, but it may also lead authorities to have increased suspicion of the presence of further wrongdoing. A 48-year-old man is facing numerous charges, including allegations of DUI, after he allegedly left the scene of a recent accident before causing a second collision in Colorado.

Colorado man convicted of 3rd DUI

Despite the knowledge that some decisions are bad ideas, some people still choose to act on impulse. Unfortunately, some poor choices affect the safety and well-being of others and may result in criminal charges and/or convictions. One Colorado man recently received his third DUI conviction and was sentenced to spend less than half of the maximum time in prison as dictated by his charges.

New law in Colorado can affect people convicted of felonies

In the midst of processing criminal charges, it is understandably difficult to be aware of all changes and aspects of recent laws that could affect a person's case or sentencing if convicted. Fortunately, charged individuals can rely on an experienced criminal defense attorney to be aware of all current laws affecting any charges of felonies or misdemeanors. One current bill in the Colorado legislature is expected to pass and go into effect as early as July 1, 2018.

Colorado man charged with DUI after fatal hit and run

Although most drivers in Colorado are well aware that it is against the law to drink and drive, many continue to assume they have the capability to drive after consuming any amount of alcohol. The problem many drivers experience is that their ability to recognize that they should not be operating a vehicle following alcohol or drug consumption is often impaired. One Colorado man has been accused of impaired judgment and is likely focused  on his defense alongside his attorney after facing multiple criminal charges, including a DUI.

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