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January 2018 Archives

Did you come home from a Colorado vacation with a DUI charge?

You probably intended to enjoy your vacation in Colorado: Skiing, hiking, visiting big cities and trekking the mountains are just some of the wonderful activities in the Centennial State. Some people, however, enjoy their time here a little too much. Whether you were drinking incredible craft beers brewed right in Colorado or taking advantage of adult recreational marijuana laws, you could end up with a souvenir you just didn't want.

DUI: Man's impairment may have resulted in tragic crash

There has been much debate in recent years surrounding Colorado's legalization of marijuana. With the new law, lawmakers needed to establish a legal blood limit for marijuana similar to blood alcohol tests to set a standard for impairment while driving. Contrary to blood alcohol levels, there is less research regarding the amount of THC in the blood that could result in impairment. Some Coloradoans would argue that the legal standard is not valid, but prosecutors are likely to use it to prove impairment in a DUI case. One man is currently in the midst of his legal dilemma after his involvement in a tragic crash.

Felonies: Woman and man arrested after car chase and manhunt

Fear can result in people taking desperate measures. Unfortunately, desperate measures may not jive with established Colorado law and can result in charges of misdemeanors or felonies. One woman and man have been accused of leading authorities on a recent car chase and manhunt.

Employees of Colorado pot shops charged with felonies

Although Colorado has legalized marijuana, specific laws remain in place indicating the amount that is legally allowed to be sold and allowed to be possessed by a purchaser at any given time. Authorities are still learning how to regulate the legalized pot shops, as some may not be abiding by all the laws. Recent raids of several shops resulted in multiple arrests and five employees facing formal charges of felonies.  

Under 21 and facing a DUI? Here are things you ought to know

Imagine having a rough week in school. Your English Literature professor and Calculus professor both had tests on the same day and after days of intense studying, you are ready to blow off some steam. You are still a few months shy of your 21st birthday, so you drive to your friend's apartment in Boulder to unwind with a few beers.

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