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December 2017 Archives

Felony DUI: Man evades prision after multiple convictions

Colorado lawmakers were proud to establish a new law that would enforce stricter sentences on repeat offenders for certain crimes such as driving under the influence. At the time the law was established, there was an unknown loophole preventing many offenders from serving jail time as intended. One man's case was an example of the loophole when he was sentenced to only probation and no prison time after his fifth conviction for a felony DUI.

Man arrested re felonies 3 months after warrent executed

There is a legal process that Colorado authorities must adhere to when serving warrants and making arrests. The mere accusation of a crime can result in irreversible damage to a person's reputation and future; therefore, strict policies are essential when authorities make an arrest. One man is likely discussing the process of his recent arrest by authorities that occurred more than three months after a search warrant was executed on his property, and he was subsequently charged with multiple felonies.

Colorado law enforcement officer convicted of felonies

A recent court case indicates that anyone can be convicted and charged with a crime in Colorado. An undersheriff was recently found guilty of 10 felonies by a jury of his peers. The charges and conviction all revolve around alleged crimes involving violation of hunting regulations.

Personal smartphone breathalzyer may help prevent a DUI

According to recent studies, most people in Colorado are aware of the .08 blood alcohol limit for driving as well as the legal issues that may result if caught driving at or above the limit. Some may not be aware, however, that they can also be arrested for a DUI if they are below the legal limit. If a driver is obviously impaired and has a blood alcohol level of less than .08, authorities are allowed to arrest the motorist. Through a program conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation, some drivers are finding that personal breathalyzers are assisting them in understanding their own personal level of impairment and, hopefully, preventing them from being arrested and charged with a DUI.

DUIs come with serious consequences

With some of the best craft breweries in the country, Boulder offers a wide variety of drinking establishments. It's easy to park in one area and visit several different pubs and breweries during a Saturday afternoon. If you, like many other residents, enjoy various tasting events and other beer drinking activities on the weekends, then you could be in danger of receiving a driving under the influence (DUI) charge. If this happens, consequences will range far beyond those of the courtroom.

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