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Woman faces 30 years in prison after felony DUI with assault

Most people do not anticipate that they may need the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer at any point in their life. Unfortunately, a person's actions may sometimes conflict with the law, and one may end up in need of legal advice. A Colorado woman was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison due to mistakes she made, eventually resulting a conviction for a felony DUI involving assault.

According to records, the 54-year-old woman made the choice to operate her vehicle after consuming alcohol at a bar. Despite two near collisions with other vehicles, she continued to drive. She unfortunately had a head-on-collision with a vehicle occupied by two grandparents and their young granddaughter. All three were seriously injured, and the granddaughter still suffers from a serious brain injury.

Authorities recorded the woman's blood alcohol level at twice the legal limit. Records indicate that this was not her first arrest for a DUI as she had multiple other DUI arrests, including three convictions. She reportedly has a long history with alcohol abuse, cocaine and marijuana. The jury sentenced her to the maximum, 10 years on each felony count. The judge then "stacked" the sentences, meaning that the woman will have to serve each one individually.

The woman in this case could spend 30 years in prison if she does not become eligible for parole, for which she will first become eligible in 15 years. Authorities, prosecutors and judges may strive for the strictest punishment available in cases involving a felony DUI. Those who have been arrested and formally charged could benefit from the advice of criminal defense attorney in Colorado regarding the best approach to their case. While nothing is ever guaranteed, a savvy attorney by one's side in criminal court could spell the difference between a long prison term such as this woman will serve and a more favorable result.

Source:, "Jury deals maximum punishment for Conroe drunk driver", Jay R. Jordan, Oct. 2, 2017

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