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4 factors that affect blood alcohol content

When you drink, you probably have an idea about how much you can have before you are over the legal limit. The problem is that the alcohol content of a drink itself is not the only factor. There are other factors that could play a role in your blood alcohol content and end up causing you to get a DUI despite not drinking more than usual.

What kinds of factors might affect you? Here are four that could impact your BAC and result in an accidental DUI.

1. The speed factor

When it comes to drinking, slowing down is a better way to make sure you're not taking in more alcohol than your body can handle at one time. Drinking multiple shots quickly raises your BAC much faster than spreading the same amount of alcohol out over the course of several hours.

2. The emotional factor

When you're stressed, upset or anxious, there is less blood in your stomach to digest your food. As a result, alcohol absorption slows down. When you finally calm down, the alcohol quickly digests, entering the blood at a rapid pace.

3. The fizzy factor

Carbonation increases the speed at which alcohol passes through the stomach, so if you're planning to drink sparkling wine or other fizzy alcoholic beverages, be prepared to have a higher BAC faster than usual.

4. The medicine factor

If you're on medications, it's usually a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol at all. Even if there is no interaction that could endanger you, medications can still impact how fast alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream. Double check all warnings to make sure your medication doesn't negatively interact with alcohol, since some medications mixed with alcohol are a fatal combination.

These are a few factors that could impact your BAC. Know the factors that play a role in your life, so you're aware of your BAC level.

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