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September 2017 Archives

Colorado man accused of DUI resulting in injuries

The state of Colorado has made many changes in the way it handles any offenses concerning drivers with too much alcohol, drugs or marijuana in their systems. Advocates for changes hope that there will be a reduction of tragedies that result from any reckless intoxicated driving. Of course, changes usually mean harsher consequences for any person charged and later convicted of a DUI. One man will soon find out what consequences he could potentially face after his arrest for a DUI involving injuries of another driver.

Colorado traffic crackdown leads to almost 1,200 DUI citations

Police officers in Colorado and around the country routinely use traffic checkpoints to identify drunk drivers. Checkpoints are often when heavy traffic is anticipated, such as holidays. For example, the summer months are typically hectic because of vacations, and police want to keep impaired drivers off the busy roads. Recently, almost 1,200 drivers received citations for DUI following a crackdown in Colorado Springs through the Labor Day holiday weekend.

5 Colorado minors may be charged with felonies

It is not unusual for teenagers to act before processing the consequences they may face. Unfortunately when their actions contravene established law, the consequences they may face may be long term and severe. Five Colorado juveniles are likely each conferring with legal counsel as they are expected to be charged with felonies for their alleged crimes.

Study uses field sobriety tests to test THC intoxication levels

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has been a conundrum for authorities to figure out how to determine if a driver is impaired by marijuana. Current law states that a person with 5 nanograms of THC in his or her blood system is unsafe to operate a vehicle. Advocates argue that the blood test and the designated limit are not accurate and fair measurements of marijuana intoxication. A recent study that included field sobriety tests was conducted to help better understand levels of intoxication.

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