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August 2017 Archives

Colorado football player charged with felonies

One of Colorado's best football players may not get to hear the roar of the crowd this season. He has recently been arrested on two different occasions and faces multiple criminal charges. Some of the criminal charges are classified as felonies, and if convicted, they could result in harsh punishment.

Colorado police plan to make DUI arrests Labor Day weekend

The summer season is a time for relaxing, vacationing and many celebratory events. Coinciding with summer events, Colorado residents and visitors may choose to consume alcohol or recreational drugs. When a resident or visitor becomes impaired and decides to operate a vehicle, it can be dangerous for the driver and anyone else on the roadways they may encounter. Colorado law enforcement is running its final summer campaign called "The Heat is On" to make DUI arrests and keep impaired drivers off of the roads over Labor Day weekend.

Fourth drunk driving convictions in Colorado now are felonies

Just after the beginning of the new year, Colorado legislators passed a bill requiring all defendants convicted of driving under the influence to spend a mandatory sentence behind bars or on work release. Effective August 9, defendants convicted of DUI will now have to spend at least 90 days locked up or, if eligible for work release, 100 days of service.

Stalking and domestic violence felonies affected by new laws

Cases of stalking and domestic violence can be complicated and, at times, one person's word against that of another. New Colorado laws that will go into effect this month will further complicate the legal process for those convicted of felonies involving stalking and domestic violence. Criminal defense attorneys are well aware of the changes and will be able to inform defendants how the changes may pertain to their individual cases.

Charging a person with a DUI due to marijuna is tricky

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has resulted in many changes throughout the state. Dispensaries have popped up all over the state, outnumbering popular coffee shops such as Starbucks. In addition, it has affected how law enforcement may or may not handle a DUI by a person who may have consumed marijuana.

Did your Colorado vacation result in an unwanted DUI souvenir?

When you planned your trip to Colorado, you likely spent time looking at towns, resorts and rental car companies. You prioritized what you wanted to see on your trip, whether it was the mountains around Boulder or Casa Bonita in Denver. You traveled to Colorado and began enjoying yourself. Unfortunately, law enforcement may have decided that you enjoyed yourself too much.

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