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July 2017 Archives

Officer accused of multiple felonies, including stealing $132,000

Accusations of a serious crime can leave a person overwhelmed and uncertain how to handle their precarious legal situation. Most people in Colorado charged with felonies and/or misdemeanors find it beneficial to obtain legal counsel. A police officer was recently arrested and charged with stealing $132,000, and he is likely working with a defense attorney as his criminal case proceeds through the court system. 

DUI and drug possesion cases may be impacted by court ruling

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has made multiple changes throughout the state. One area that may not have been anticipated is the use of police dogs to warrant property searches. A recent court ruling has indicated that the smell of marijuana may not be used as the sole reason to warrant a property search. DUI and drug possession cases have the potential to be affected by the ruling in favor of defendants.

Colorado law ensures a felony DUI conviction results in jail time

Most people in Colorado would expect a person with additional DUI convictions to receive harsher and mandatory jail time. Until recently, a law enacted in 2015 prevented judges from sentencing some defendants with habitual DUIs to a punishment that matched their offense. A new law was just enacted that corrected the previous unintended loophole. Persons with four or more offenses will now be charged with a felony DUI and could face harsh punishment upon conviction.

Couple charged with felonies involving alleged identity theft

Identity theft has become a common crime throughout the country. The state of Colorado classifies identity theft as a felony punishable by imprisonment, fines and possible restitution to victims. Even though defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty, an accusation of a felony can quickly alter a person's life. Two people were recently arrested and charged with felonies involving alleged identity theft and burglary of a business.

Defending against a DUI charge in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado, has been your go-to summer vacation destination for the last several years to escape the heat. With sweeping views of the Rockies as well as limitless options for hiking and outdoor recreation the small town just outside of Denver has everything you want to recharge and reset. It also does not hurt that there are a number of microbreweries offering tasty artisanal brews and unique menus.

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