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June 2017 Archives

Colarado increased DUI patrols expecting to make summer arrests

A driver who chooses to drive with alcohol other impairing drugs in his or her system may be subject to harsh consequences if caught, arrested and convicted. Driver's may be subject to losing their license, time in jail, fine penalities and a loss of reputation. The Colorado Department of Transportation funds a campaign that may increase a person's chance to be arrested for a DUI during several specific times of the year.

Felonies: Erotic writer faces Colorado criminal charges

An accusation of any crime in Colorado is a serious matter. A defendant may be overwhelmed by the criminal court system and unsure how to handle the charges filed, but any accused person has the right to legal counsel to help navigate the system. Recently, a woman was charged with a number of felonies regarding how she allegedly handled the accounting of her publishing business.

Cosby case ends in a mistrial. What does that mean, legally?

The prosecution of megastar Bill Cosby on three counts of aggravated indecent assault has ended in a mistrial. The case was prosecuted by Montgomery County, Pennsylvania's district attorney, who immediately said he plans to retry the case.

Judge questions evidence in Coloardo DUI cases

Police in Colorado use a machine to determine the levels of alcohol in people's breath. Recently, a judge has questioned the method the police use to verify the results of the machines. As a result, evidence used for thousands of DUI cases and convictions over a two year period may be questionable.

'No DUI Colorado' a worthy effort, but so is fairness and justice for drivers

People often think of drunk driving in terms of uncontrollable swerving, high speed, and a terrible wreck. In Colorado, however, the truth is that you can get in legal trouble after just one glass of wine - or no wine whatsoever.

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